DEKOMTE is able to support and advise its customers on supply and expansion joint installation appropriate to their requirements. The design of the expansion joint uses the latest materials and composition to optimise cost and technical function. Installation services can be offered to assure the value of the warranty and minimise product risk. The labour, welding, scaffolding and insulation can be offered.

DEKOMTE expansion joints are engineered in close cooperation with the customer

Technical Support Engineers

DEKOMTE engineers are required to visit the site and discuss the needs of our customers before developing solutions with a bespoke specification.

Design comparison, investigation and modelling can be achieved using the extensive database of empirical knowledge at DEKOMTE. We offer objective technical support at short notice for critical problems.

Lifetime Support

Engineering support in the form of annual inspections or life time assessments can form a critical part of the maintenance planning of a power plant or industrial manufacturing process. 

Post-installation, the proven DEKOMTE customer service team is available to you at all times.

DEKOMTE engineers provide global service for expansion joints
Dekomte Expansion Joint Technology

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