DEKOMTE single-layer metallic expansion joints are individually engineered and manufactured. The laminated construction method facilitates a variety of shapes and boasts no welded corners or larger duct cross-sections.

Metallic expansion joints can be manufactured in round and rectangular shapes.


The materials used are carbon steel (like dc04st37, Corten), high-alloyed ferritic steels (like 16mo3) and austenitic steels (like 1.4301 (304), 1.4541(321)).

Alternative or custom material, according customer specific requirements can be used during construction and fabrication, to ensure the correct bespoke applicable solution.


DEKOMTE make welding parts, loose and fixed flange connections, threaded connections all produced according to German and international standards. We also manufacture special connections, produced according to customers’ drawings.

The fittings and anchoring consist of unalloyed steel, rustproof and acid resistant stainless steel or heat-resisting steel depending on request.

Corner Design

Typically, three different corner designs are available: round corners, miter corners, or double miter corners. The choice of corners is based on the cycle life and life cycle requirements.

Dekomte Expansion Joint Technology

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