DEKOMTE believes in providing a continuous field support and engineering assistance for power plants and industrial users.

Inspections should be a core part of ensuring plant integrity, life and reliability. DEKOMTE has a team of specialist engineers available to carry out a range of inspection services, both; online and offline, intrusive and non-intrusive.

Visual inspection of a fabric expansion joint by DEKOMTE


DEKOMTE has skilled and experienced site engineers and designers who are able to review all expansion joints in a plant and produce a technical report for maintenance planning and plant improvement.

An annual site report can give a summarised plan of all joints on plant, their condition and future maintenance action required. Life extension through preventative maintenance is what gives value to DEKOMTE technical services.

Thermographic analysis of a fabric expansion joint


DEKOMTE uses many NDT and NDE techniques to evaluate the installation and installed aspects of expansion joints. Thorough life assessments can help formulate a maintenance strategy and planned changes around scheduled plant shutdowns.

Thermographic surveys are particularly useful to determine the degradation and future problems in the life of the joint and adjacent duct system. Linked to a maintenance strategy additional inspections enhance the knowledge culture given by DEKOMTE technical support.

Measurement of a fabric expansion joint

Measurements and Survey

DEKOMTE provides engineering support to re-evaluate the plants technical specifications and validate design data. Movements, duct positions and dimensions of plant need to be updated if a replacement product is to offer a long and reliable operation.

As a plant ages, the position of ducting and the movements that occur during differing plant cycles need to be checked and incorporated into the functional specification of the expansion joint.

DEKOMTE has specialists available at short notice for expansion joints


DEKOMTE has specialists available at short notice to provide emergency support to the plant in the event of unforeseen issues.

Dealing with issues and problems in a technically competent way, can result in a longer than expected solution to the immediate problem.

DEKOMTE has materials, resources and design depth to work swiftly on all kind of challenges.

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