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RAL GZ 719 determines the quality, construction and design aspects of fabric expansion joints, of which DEKOMTE is an approved member. Driving quality through the design, process, production and application is the DEKOMTE approach to a long-life reliable solution. This use of quality materials and multi-layer compositions is critical for predictable operation and minimal maintenance.

  • The ongoing monitoring according to the guidelines of RAL-GZ 719 is carried out by the German TÜV Süd. The inspections and certifications have been free of complaints from the start until today.
  • By producing in accordance with the above-average quality requirements of RAL-GZ 719 and through the corresponding technical documentation, DEKOMTE meets and exceeds the quality requirements of the European Sealing Association (ESA) and the American Fluid Sealing Association (FSA).
  • Essential technical information from the Gütegemeinschaft Weichstoff-Kompensatoren e. V. have been incorporated into the expansion joints engineering guide.


The system of certification, GOST R, is supervised and certificated from the company SPB-Standard in Russia. DEKOMTE is accredited for:

  • Fabric expansion joints for a temperature range of -90 °C to 1400 °C.
  • Metal expansion joints with flange and welding ends from DN 15 up to DN 6000 for PN 0,1 up to PN 40.
  • Corrugated hoses model range 80 with fitting model series AS in the nominal length 50 up to 25000mm, PN 5 up to PN 105 and -196°C up to 600°C.

The certification system GOST R, GOSSTANDART, Russia, is monitored and certified by TÜV Berlin-Brandenburg.

EN 1127-1: 1997, EN 14463-1: 2001 and CLC / TR 50404

For areas and applications that are protected from explosions, DEKOMTE tests its products on the basis of the model inspection documents in accordance with ATEX for non-electrical components and equipment. The test is carried out in accordance with the safety and health regulations according to EN 1127-1: 1997, EN 14463-1: 2001 and CLC / TR 50404

ejma / ped

EJMA – DEKOMTE metal expansion joints are in accordance with EJMA (10th Edition) and AD B13.

PED – DEKOMTE de Temple Engineering SRL has the certification accredited to AD 2000-Merkblatt HP 0, TRD 201 and EN ISO 3824-2. Therefore DEKOMTE is able to manufacture pressure equipment accredited to “Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU”.

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