DEKOMTE expansion joints are engineered in close cooperation with the customer

Design and Engineering

Design integration at an early stage can identify the best overall solution for a trouble-free system. Reliability, performance and the technical and commercial guarantee requirement, means that DEKOMTE has developed into a complete turnkey provider.

Dekomte Engineer


DEKOMTE believes in providing a continuous field support and engineering assistance for power plants and industrial users. Inspections should be a core part of ensuring plant integrity, life and reliability. DEKOMTE has a team of specialist engineers available to carry out a range of inspection services to suit your requirements; online and offline, intrusive and non-intrusive.



DEKOMTE is able to support and advise its customers on supply and installation appropriate to their requirements. The design of the expansion joint uses the latest materials and composition to optimise cost and technical function. Installation services can be offered to assure the value of the warranty and minimise product risk. The labour, welding, scaffolding and insulation can be offered.

Dekomte Expansion Joint Technology

Hotspot Repair Technology

Whilst regular insulation repairs and maintenance can be intrusive, laborious and time-consuming, pumpable insulation is an alternative solution that lowers cost and shortens downtime. DEKOMTE can repair missing insulation pockets and hot areas by injecting liquid insulation from the outside while the unit is running.

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