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Günther de Temple

The architect of the company is Günther de Temple. The engineer, who was born in Gaggenau in the Black Forest and trained in Karlsruhe, founded DEKOMTE de Temple Kompensator-Technik in 1978 under difficult conditions . Before that, he had several years of experience as a designer in the expansion joint industry.

Jake Waterhouse

Jake Waterhouse, Technical and Sales Director, has over 20 years of experience as a mechanical engineer in the power plant industry. Since 2004 he has been the Managing Director of DEKOMTE de Temple Kompensator-Technik (UK) Ltd. and has been on the board of DEKOMTE de Temple Kompensator-Technik GmbH since 2009. In 2018 Jake took management responsibility for the head office and is now responsible for leading the group integration, development and growth.

Jake Waterhouse
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Christine Wondrak

Christine Wondrak joined DEKOMTE de Temple in 1985 after completing her commercial training at AEG in Seligenstadt . In 1992 she received the power of attorney and switched to the Management Assistant. As a member of the Board of Management, she has been responsible for human resources, internal communication and public relations since 2008. As part of the latter, she was in charge of organizing a number of DEKOMTE de Temple events, such as the art exhibitions Queen Sheba Comes (2010) and Merry Heart (2012).

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