Multi-layer metallic bellows

Multi-layer metallic bellows have a greater flexibility, high cycling capability and gas tightness; opposed to thick walled single-layer metallic expansion joints. Normally constructed with 1 to 6 layers of stainless or other high alloy steels.


For temperatures up to 600ºC, the standard material for bellows and conduits is V2A or V4A (material 1.4541 (321), 1.4301 (304), 1.4571 (316Ti), 1.4435, for higher temperatures it is material 1.4828 (308) or 1.4878). Special materials such as Hastelloy, Incoloy or Inconel can also be supplied.

For multi-walled bellows it is possible, if required, to select a higher quality material for the internal and external layer than for the intermediate layers which are usually made of material 1.4301 (304). Connectors and anchorings are made of unalloyed steel, rust-proof or acid-proof stainless steel or high-temperature steel, depending on requirements.


DEKOMTE can supply multi-layer metallic expansion joints with weld ends, fixed flange, loose or threaded connections in accordance with German and international standards. Special connections according to customer drawings are also possible.

Depending on the requirements the connecting parts and anchorages are made of carbon steel, stainless and acid-resistant stainless steel or heat-resistant steel.

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