Design and Engineering

CFD-Analysis of a 3WA fabric expansion joint


  • Stress analysis
  • Heat transmission- and temperature analysis
  • FEM of steelparts
  • Safetycase against extraction of bellow
  • Flow analysis

3D-design of a fabric expansion joint

Design Tools

In addition to individual software, DEKOMTE uses standard programs to grant an efficient work of its constructors and engineers. In addition to that there are no problems with file format compatibility.

DEKOMTE 3D-Model of a fabric expansion joint


DEKOMTE has established an experienced 3D-design workstation which helps our clients in the following ways:

  • Output into any 2D view
  • Create cut through at any point of the model
  • Simple determination of internal contours and enveloping surface
    Collision detection
  • Definitions of terms between components
  • Volume, surface and ground investigation
  • Quantity determination and sub part analysis
  • Advanced simulation and analysis capabilities

Consider technical benefits on challenging projects and added service for customers

Expansion joint design at DEKOMTE

Inhouse-Construction and Manufacturing Design

Offer construction: Type of expansion joint, rough material design and required attachment parts are roughly defined according to the request of the customer, so that the client gets an overview of the scope of delivery.

Detailed construction: After the order the construction of the expansion joints according to the design and dimensions is carried out. All defined parameters of the offered construction will be verified.

Detailed construction for assembly: All of the developed results from the detailed construction are used and to prepare installation instructions dependant on the respective plant construction.

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