Conventional Fossil Fired Boilers

Metal to Fabric Retrofit

DEKOMTE have carried out a complete replacement of all expansion joints on a 500MW conventional oil fired boiler. The original metallic bellows required welding, patching and repairing on an annual basis. Fan capacity and boiler efficiency was detrimentally affected by expansion joint leaks and failures.

Design solution for expansion joint replacement

The new DEKOMTE fabric solution, gave a turnkey scope of supply, solving steel, fabric and adjacent insulation issues. A long term warranty and extended maintenance cycle gives assurance to the power station of running and plant efficiency.

Dismounting and replacement of expansion joint

Removal of metal expansion joint
DEKOMTE replaces the metal bellow by a fabric expansion joint

Replacement and installation of DEKOMTE expansion Joint

Installed Fabric Expansion Joint 10W
DEKOMTE Fabric expansion joint in operation

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