DEKOMTE is able to support and advise its customers on supply and installation appropriate to their requirements.

The design of the expansion joint uses the latest materials and composition to optimise cost and technical function.

Installation services can be offered to assure the value of the warranty and minimise product risk. The labour, welding, scaffolding, insulation services and all tooling required can be offered.

Installation of expansion joint by DEKOMTE

Turnkey Installations

As a specialist engineering company, DEKOMTE can offer complete project management, starting from the first sketch, production, installation through to maintenance.

The turnkey installation of fabric expansion joints has become a standard approach throughout the world. The qualified installation by DEKOMTE personnel ensures the long life reliability of the solution.

Turnkey installation of complete retrofits is also offered, working in partnership with local contractors to deliver an engineered solution.

DEKOMTE expansion joints are engineered in close cooperation with the customer

Technical Support Engineers

DEKOMTE engineers are required to visit site and discuss the needs of our customers, before developing solutions with a bespoke specification.

Complete project planning can be provided, from the initial sketch to maintenance and site survey to engineer appropriate solutions.

DEKOMTE engineers provide global service for expansion joints

Specialised Engineers

Engineering support in the form of annual inspections or life time assessments can form a critical part of the maintenance planning of a power plant or industrial manufacturing process.

DEKOMTE has specialist field engineers available all over the world to support in inspection, assessment, measurement, analysis and installation.

Post-installation, the proven DEKOMTE customer service team is available to you at all times.

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