Design Analysis

Design analysis of expansion joints at DEKOMTE

Specification Review

To avoid mistakes in an early stage we check all specification to establish its completeness during the enquiry process. Premature problems in the product life are often an indication that not every requirement was considered, this is often the root cause of a damage or defect.

Design analysis report for expansion joints by DEKOMTE

Reports and Engineering Recommendations

In our work it is our concern to embrace and understand existing site competences and to work as efficiently as possible. Available documentation and drawings are equally important as the experience and observation of operating engineers.

Design analysis of a DEKOMTE- fabric expansion joint and clamp system

Design Validation by CFD and FEA

FEA is extremely valuable in evaluating failures or tasks in more complex plants or in construction systems with unknown operating conditions. It is very helpful for the plant operator but also for the expansion joint manufacturer to carry out flow calculations (CFD) and thermal analyses (FEA/FEM). This technology allows to analyse the plant construction and to have an effect against the actual physical difficulties in a focused way.

Transport and installation of an expansion joint by DEKOMTE.

Expansion Joint Integration into Pipe and Ducting Systems

To evaluate a project in total we understand it as our task to consider the constructional situation of each plant from the beginning. The feasibility of an installation and the transport within the plant is strongly influenced by the design and methods of transportation and have to be considered for the sake of a cost saving and logistically realizable procedure. Under consideration of a logical, conclusive and cost-effective solution this coherence must not be neglected.

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