Product Quality


Quality assurance of fabric and elastomer expansion joints according to RAL-GZ 719 of the Gütegemeinschaft Weichstoff-Kompensatoren e.V. (Quality Association for Fabric Expansion Joints). DEKOMTE is attached to the Gütegemeinschaft Weichstoff-Kompensatoren e.V. as a founder member. As a member of the quality commission of the Gütegemeinschaft DEKOMTE is decisively involved in compiling of quality standards.
The continuing observations that are determined by the policy RAL-GZ 719 are carried out by the German TÜV Süd. The inspections and certifications have been achieved with full compliance since the beginning.

  • With the increased quality demands according to RAL-GZ 719 and the associated technical information DEKOMTE automatically fulfills and exceeds the quality demands of the European Sealing Association ESA and the American Fluid Sealing Association FSA.
  • In the Expansion Joints - Engineering Guide the important technical information of the Gütegemeinschaft Weichstoff-Kompensatoren are incorporated.
  • DEKOMTE products are certified according to the Russian quality standard GOST R. Therewith DEKOMTE products are approved for delivery and import to the Russian Federation.


  • The DIN GOST TÜV conformity certificate includes the product single- and multi-layered fabric expansion joints for the range of pressure up to 3,5 bar and temperature range of -90 °C to 1400 °C including spare parts and equipment
    GOST Certificate WK
  • Metal expansion joints with flange- and welding ends from DN 15 up to DN 6000 for the range of pressure PN 0.1 up to PN 40 including spare parts and equipment
    GOST Certificate EK
  • Corrugated hoses model range 80 with fitting model series AS in the nominal length 50 up to 25000mm, area of pressure PN 5 up to PN 105 and area of temperature of -196°C up to 600°C including spare parts and equipment.
    GOST Certificate ES

The system of certification GOST R, GOSSTANDART, Russia is supervised and certificated by the TÜV Berlin-Brandenburg.

For explosion protected areas and applications DEKOMTE comes with model inspection documents according to ATEX for not-electric equipment and components. This is in accordance with the safety and health-specifications acc. EN 1127-1:1997, EN 14463-1:2001 and CLC/TR 50404.


DEKOMTE produces its metal expansion joints in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive after the costumers requirements. DEKOMTE metal expansion joints are also made in accordance with EJMA (8th Edition) and ADB13.

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