Manufacturing Quality

DEKOMTE provides traceability in every project phase of its expansion joints


DEKOMTE develop complex products, as fabric expansion joints systems, this requires each stage of design and manufacture to be monitored and recorded, in accordance with ISO procedure. This gives a product traceability from start to finish, and production of a defect free product.

To guarantee excellent quality for expansion joints all DEKOMTE welders are approved and accredited to DIN EN 287-1/Din EN 1418


DEKOMTE holds a manufacturing and workshop approval class D accreditation, DIN 18800-7 and EN ISO 3834-2 for base materials. Approved and applied methods include arc welding, part-mechanized Wolfram-inert gas metallic arc welding and part-mechanized active-gas welding. We are currently in the process of achieving a part accreditation to ASME. All DEKOMTE welders are approved and accredited to DIN EN 287-1/Din EN 1418.

Visual inspection of a fabric expansion joint by DEKOMTE

NDT (Non-destructive testing) of expansion joints

All DEKOMTE products are inspected in the workshop, both visually and using a surface crack test procedure. If required, magnetic crack detections, ultrasound or x-ray may also be used.

Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

DEKOMTE de Temple Engineering SRL has the certification acc. to AD 2000-instruction sheet HP 0, TRD 201 and EN ISO 3824-2. Therefore DEKOMTE is able to manufacture pressure equipment acc. to "Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EG".


Painting is also carried out at our facilities, either by coating and scrolling or spray. Painting is tested to prove airless application.

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