Günther de Temple

Günther de Temple was born in Gaggenau in the Black Forest in Germany and studied engineering in Karlsruhe. He founded DEKOMTE in 1978 after having been an experienced expansion joint construction engineer.

Jake Waterhouse

Jake Waterhouse, Sales Director, graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Birmingham City University in 2000 whilst working at Roll-Royce Allen Gears. He established his own company and represented DEKOMTE in the UK since 2001, until establishing DEKOMTE de Temple Kompensator-Technik (UK) Ltd in 2004 and becoming Managing Director. He achieved Chartered Engineer Status with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in 2006 and since 2011 he has been on the Board of Management of DEKOMTE de Temple Kompensator-Technik GmbH. Jake Waterhouse is responsible for international sales in the DEKOMTE-group in addition to directly managing the operations for the subsidiaries in the USA and Mexico.

Christine Wondrak

Christine Wondrak joined the company DEKOMTE de Temple in 1985 after completing her business apprenticeship at AEG in Seligenstadt. In 1992 she was granted proxy and changed over to Management Assistance. Since 2008 she is responsible for human resources, internal communication and public relations as a Board Member. In line with the latter she has taken the lead in organising a series of events of DEKOMTE de Temple, for example the art exhibitions Königin Saba kommt (Queen Sheba comes) (2010) and Frohen Herzens (Joyous hearts) (2012).

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