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Inner view of short term fire resistant DEKOMTE expansion joint

DEKOMTE Fabric expansion joints (here membrane type expansion joint) can be designed for extreme conditions, as is common in steelworks, with special construction characteristics.

A construction that deals with the heat that builds up inside the joint with special insulation layers and the outer design with an adequate robust construction is required for longevity and reliability.

The exact build up is designed or selected case-by-case after a detailed examination of the essential design parameters.

Duct dimensions ø outside 890 mm; ø inside 500 mm
Temp. medium max. 1000°C (customers data)
Design temperature known by DEKOMTE
Cycles/day approx. 200
Medium coke oven gas
Pressure approx. +2mbar
Movement axial ± 60 mm; lateral 40 mm

Example for operating parameters of DEKOMTE design solution

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