Refineries / Chemical Plants

FCC Metallic Bellows

Inspection of an assembled metal expansion joint, made for FCC-plants

Fluid catalytic cracking is the most important conversion process used in petroleum refineries.

In this kind of plant, the requirements for expansion joints usually are influenced by high temperatures, large movement conditions and high pressures, in combination with strongly acidic medium, requiring specific metals to be used.

Various chloride and sulphur concentrations can lead to corrosion and pitting of stainless steels. Inappropriate expansion joint types will result in unnecessary stress and cracking due to corrosion.

DEKOMTE has developed metal expansion joint solutions especially for these requirements. We use different nickel-chromium alloys and nickelmolybdenum alloys, which are good solutions to meet the mentioned requirements.

DEKOMTE FCC metallic bellows can be produced for several sizes and in accordance to customers specifications. Besides designing complete solutions, DEKOMTE is also able to make inspections of installed systems and produce and change only the bellows if necessary.

Cross section of metallic bellow with different layers of refractory

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