Conventional Fossil Fired Boilers

Ash Hopper

The Ferrybridge power plant had installed an original dipper plate into a water trough to seal the bottom of the boiler to the ash hopper.

Regular maintenance problems caused by this system have been encountered:

  • contact and deformation of the dipper plate
  • distortion of the water trough
  • water leakage into the boiler house
  • pressure loss due to no sealing of water trough
  • regular cleaning and maintenance due to ash build up
  • efficiency of draught fans
Ferrybridge power plant
Ferrybridge original design: Sealing system with dipper plate and water trough

Design solution: DEKOMTE Fabric Expansion Joint

DEKOMTE proposed a number of standard and high tech solutions to solve the problem.
The solution offered incorporates an internal ash guard, steel frame, fabric joint and fixing system. By offering a complete product scope, DEKOMTE can assure a long life and reliability in service.

The fabric solution installed, gives a gas tightness which maintains boiler efficiency and integrity.

Dimension inside: 32000 x 10000 mm
Boiler internal temperature: 900 °C
Temperature at fabric: 300 °C
Pressure static: -5 mbar
axial: -200 mm
lateral: 80 mm
DEKOMTE fabric expansion joint solution

Installation of expansion joint

Removal of steel parts of the original expansion joint
Repair of boiler wall and refractory
Installation of DEKOMTE expansion joint steel parts
Installation of the DEKOMTE internal insulation bolster on the fabric expansion joint
Installation of DEKOMTE fabric expansion joint
DEKOMTE fabric expansion joint in operation

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