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On-Site Analysis

DEKOMTE uses the latest computer and industry best practice tools and procedures to push the boundaries of product development. The discerning use of FEA and CFD together with 2D design allows a correlation of on-site empirical experience and theoretical models.

Formulation of specifications, tenders and design critique can also be offered as an independent technical service.

Verify Operating Parameters

The operating conditions of many plants vary as time and economic pressures of the market are applied. Cycling of the power plant has the harshest effect of duct fatigue, but also affects the fabric and clamping components of expansion joints. Temperature analysis during operation, with review of insulation detail and interface can be important as movements need assessing according duct supports and plant operation. Assessing the plant for upgrades and modifications has a bearing on the basic parameters that need to be maintained for a long life product.

DEKOMTE verifies the operating parameters to provide adequate expansion joint design.

Movement analysis of a fabric expansion joint

Movement Analysis

DEKOMTE provides engineering support to re-evaluate the plant technical specifications and validate design data. Movements, duct positions and dimensions of plant need to be updated if a replacement product is to offer a long and reliable operation.

As a plant ages, the position of ducting and the movements that occur during differing plant cycles, need to be checked and incorporated into the functional specification of the expansion joint.

Alignment and Adjacent Ducting Issues

DEKOMTE reviews all the ducting system. A wider eye must be cast, if the extent of expansion joint problems and design issues are to be understood.

The adjacent duct supports, stiffeners, feet and hangers all determine the movement and stresses that will be imposed on the expansion joint. Similarly, the expansion joint reacts forces back into the adjacent components.

The aim of DEKOMTE design and engineering is to provide its clients with a holistic approach to integrated expansion joint systems.

The change of expansion joints into a duct and the positive effect on reduced cracking and fatigue is regularly noted by DEKOMTE customer.

DEKOMTE provides on-site-analysis to align the expansion joints with the duct system

Design analysis by DEKOMTE visualizes the expansion joint solutions for the customer

Technical Reports and Design Analysis

The formulation of a precise and detailed technical report is required in order to convey the background, depth and expertise DEKOMTE brings to the engineering issues on plant.

The use of computer models to demonstrate the problems and more importantly the solutions is critical to communicating the technology and providing a basis of discussion with clients.