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HRSG Outlet Joint

DEKOMTE manufacture many solutions for the HRSG outlet, duct to stack, stack and weather seal locations. The criteria of the joint is a little different to the rest of the flue gas ducting. Temperature is no longer the key design point. Noise attenuation, dew point and condensation corrosion are more significant. Noise attenuation is solved by using high density rubber based joints, or in some cases specially designed acoustic pillows.

Water condensation and corrosion can be limited by flow plate and drain design. Debris collecting in the joint is eliminated by a dust barrier and flow plate installation.

DEKOMTE manufacture fabric expansion joints with long life in mind. Outage and access costs for the joints on the cold end are exorbitant in comparison with a technically based solution. Installations vary depending on the factors to be considered within the specification: Temperature, Gas tight, Weather tight, Condensation/Water tight.

OEM supply is normally a rubber compound or single layer coated fabric. Multi layer fabric joints with gasket sealing of the flange is preferred.

Outside material to be considered for long life, chemical and environmental resistance.

DEKOMTE fabric expansion joint for HRSG outlet

Bellow defects caused by corrosion and condensation.

DEKOMTE design solution with multilayered fabric expansion joint